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Rankfound is offering top-notch services of SEO in Chandigarh. Our unmatched & professional services guarantee you that your website will be the first link your customers see when they look for you on major search platforms such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Working hard and being honest is our business policy and we are proud of it.  From past a decade we have helped more than 100 businesses fulfill their marketing goals in their desired time frame. Unlike other SEO agencies in Chandigarh, we send detailed work reports and bi-weekly ranking improvement reports.

We believe in transparency and so our reports say about us. Through our reports, you can track everything whether it’s improved rankings, live URLs and more. Let us know your website URL, we would love to analyze your site and make a detailed SEO proposal showing all of the issues present in your business website plus, required steps to get practiced to give you results to fulfill your business goals. Contact us now to get a SEO proposal!

What we do?

We are unique and it is needed the most.  In this age of increased competition in Search engine optimization and changing SEO strategies, one needs to think and implement something beyond that traditional approach. We understand each of client needs carefully, analyze their website issues and create the custom SEO plan that works. If you ask roughly, we do on-page and off-page works on each of our SEO projects but to understand in deep about our custom SEO work approach, we need a website address so that we can show you how we develop custom SEO approach to provide best in class SEO services in Chandigarh.

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Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.
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What is SEO and How it Works?

The Search engine optimization; broadly called as “SEO” is the process of Internet Marketing that helps websites get better positioning in SERP (Search engine ranking pages) in organic search results of Google and other search engines.

It is the evergreen process and every business owner wants his website to get ranked as natural listing in search engines Unlike ads, The Organic listings last for a long time in search results and it is highly trusted by the customers so, it is not just for leads but for branding as well.
To rank a website in search results, An SEO company analyzes your website as well as your competitor’s websites create a list of targeted keywords & implement On-Page and Off-Page SEO strategies to improve SEO score of your site for the relevant KW’s related to your business website.
The On-Page SEO steps are done on website itself by making it Search engine friendly however Off-Page SEO steps are practiced on other websites to get back-links in form of no-follow and do-follow links. The first mentioned steps are practiced first and then the back-linking process begins.


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The Importance of SEO for your Business

It is proved that the majority of users go with the top 5 suggestions in search engines. An improvement in rankings of your website will improve CTR and so drive more number of users to the website.

From many prospective; SEO results are too good for your business including buyer funnel and ultimately bringing users to complete an engagement or conversion.

SEO is not just to improve ranking only; a good SEO process helps website improve user experience.

A high quality of search engine optimization will help websites get better positioning in Search engine’s organic listings.

Once your website achieves better positioning in organic search results, website gets huge amount of traffic through organic listings.

People trust Google listings. If your website is getting listed in Organic search results, the trust for your brand will be improved for sure.

If your website is helpful for users and ranking higher in search engines, People who come to your website will share your website in their social media networks to let other people come to know about your business.

The SEO traffic are from organic search results of search engines. These users search in Google for the information you have provided on your website and then contacted you so, the high chance is that they need your service.

If two websites are selling same product and the first website is getting SEO services, There is high chance that it will be always ahead in the competition.

Through SEO once your website starts getting traffic, you can monitor behavior of your customers through different tools like Google Analytics.

Is SEO necessary for every business?

No matter what your situation is, if your business has a website, you need SEO to get awareness, traffic & leads. Whether the business you operate is new or old, small or big, you taste the success or struggling. In any situation, SEO is important for you. In-fact your business is unique & you’re the only one in your industry, still you require “Search Engine Optimization” to get the maximum leads.

In-case you are ranking high in Google still you need this process and the reason is, you can’t control how your competitor’s websites will operate. They can start aggressive SEO services anytime and can easily beat you if you stop doing it on your website.  You should continue getting SEO services to improve your website’s SEO score as much as possible.

If you invest in your website’s SEO your performance will be so good no matter how search engines algorithms will come to play in near future, your website will continue to taste the success because of its good SEO score. It’s unlikely that the importance of search engines and the SEO will be lowered in the near future.

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How Does Rankfound Help To Chandigarh Businesses?

Having a team of super talented search engine optimization experts and skilled internet marketers for various digital marketing activities, Rankfound has years of experience in optimizing business websites from different parts of the world. We have good track records to optimize business websites and make them ranked high in Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and other search engines.

Let’s improve your search engine ranking with a trusted SEO agency
We are based in Chandigarh and so, if your business covers the Chandigarh location, we can be best fit for your search engine optimization needs because we know several tricks for our location plus, we are aware from all important local sites that help business websites get better positioning in Google in a quick time. Apart from these things, we have worked for so many Chandigarh based businesses and we implemented right SEO, SMO, PPC, ORM, Email Marketing and blogging services to over 100 of websites.
Looking for better SEO than your competitors?
When you talk to us regarding your SEO services needs in Chandigarh location, we ask your website, analyze it and create a free SEO proposal for your website that helps you understand several issues present in your website plus required steps to get followed to rank your website in Chandigarh related to products or services you are offering. Reach us today and you will be happy to know that you found a reliable SEO company that can be best solution for your SEO service needs in Chandigarh.
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